É algo grande! E Branco. Até aqui bastante óbvio, mas o que nao sabes é que ele tambem é negro, amarelo e púrpura. Pode ter qualquer cor, diferentes formas, sons, aromas e gostos. Para nao falar da maneira como ele engloba tantos e diferentes pontos de vista sobre o mesmo tema. É impossivel catalogá- lo. O elefante branco sou eu, és tu, e ele também. Por isso sente- te livre para aportar o teu graozinho e disfruta!!!


White elephant is BIG! And it is white. Until here is very obvious. But what you need to know is that he is also black, yellow, and purple, he can feature every colour, also different shapes, sounds, aromas and tastes. Not to metion his mind: it ensembles so many different points of view on the same issue that it is impossible to label it. We don´t try to label: We just feel it. Enjoy with us.

sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Is Odd Future the new Wu-tang?

Hiphop´s return to lyricism? Odd Future represents a sort of neo-Wu tang meets Def Jux Rawkus era creating a whole new monster. Raw lyricism, reminiscent of hiphop boom bap beats aiming for this generation´s synth friendly trigger blogger habitat. no Hype, hipster skater stances, stabbing pop culture in the heart with pueril witty metaphors and similies. It´s a new day… It took a while but hiphop´s finally showing some vital originality signs. pulse…it´s aliveee.

follow the odd future movement here: http://oddfuture.tumblr.com/

Slaughterhouse has the Mc´s and on paper they just might be the greatest Rap group ever created but never managed to create an original sound because they don´t have a producer or musical identity, with Odd Future, there´s a certain new physical aesthetic and a sonic wave of fresh air, in the KRS one fresh of the sence.

Odd future, like Wu Tang, have a leader, 22 year old Tyler the creator, the Rza of the posse, followed by one the dopest producers right now Hodgy Beats and a remaining 9 members of rappers and affiliates (Killa bees and Killa Armys) . They also go by the name of Wolf Gang, Golf Wang and OFWGKTA.

Already lined up for Coachella 2011, gigs all over the States and a Fallon performance, they´re currently destroying the internet. For fans of Slaughterhouse, 98 Eminem, horror core, punk rap, punchlines and golden era style or otherwised refered as Real Hiphop. - Production reminds - Necro, El-p and J-Dilla


Hodgy Beats & Tyler the Creator - live at Jimmy Fallon with The Roots

Tyler the Creator - single (Dope video)

More Tyler


Elefante Branco

Bruce Gilden - A rat Story

Bruce Gilden é um fotografo veterano Nova Iorquino que só fotografa em pelicula. Ele tem uma ideossincrasia fotográfica unica que de certa forma só veio a existir porque ele é meio maluco. A dica é visceral, crua, a preto e branco com flash gun duro. O genial é como ele arruma os conceitos pra explicar as narrativas que cria A Rat Story é das minhas favoritas. Talvez doentio e louco, mas altamente criativo e original.

Convido-vos também a ver como ele tira as fotos nas ruas de N.Y.

Elefante Branco